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Why do we have leap year?

  1. Why We Feel the Need to Knock on Wood |
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When you speak of your own good fortune or the good fortune of someone close to you, you might unconsciously rap your knuckles on the nearest table or piece of wood.

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  3. 'Knock on Wood' for Good Luck.

For some of us, this behavior is so ingrained that we forget why we're even doing it. And sometimes we'll just say "knock wood" without even bothering to rap on anything. But why does knocking on wood have anything to do with luck?

Why We Feel the Need to Knock on Wood |

We perform rituals or avoidant behaviors in the hope that they'll help us avoid or reverse a jinx. In a University of Chicago study, researchers found a pattern in their subjects' behavior. After tempting fate by saying things like "I'll never have a car accident," each subject either knocked wood, threw a ball which has no attached superstition or held onto the ball and did nothing. The researchers found that the subjects who performed an action rather than simply holding onto the ball felt they avoided bad luck [source: Sifferlin ].

So knocking is an action that supposedly helps us have good luck. But why don't we knock on metal? Or plaster?

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The answer may go back to pagan rituals. Pagans believed that trees housed fairies, spirits and other mystical creatures.

This was a ride that had run out of our control. Superstition is also a repeated theme.

Maison Noir Wines "Knock On Wood"

Out of 29 chapters, five are titled Knock Wood. I had trusted a newspaper, that temporary husk of wood, with my fate. I had knocked not on the heart or pulp of some willow or birch, but on a bird of a thing, a hollow bone printed with words of a single day, with ink that smeared the fingers and then the face, a thin wisp of a page filled with horrors, cast aside half read, barely perused.


Throughout the book, Militello returns to this moment and the idea that everything could have been different if only one little thing had changed. The stories flow and circle back, overlapping and expanding, like concentric ripples from rocks thrown into a lake simultaneously.


In the face of our pretty Instagram world where mothers are never allowed to be less than perfect, I found it exciting and refreshing to see a mother write about despair, regret, and other deeply human emotions so lyrically. We were the unruly ones. We were the gluttons.