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Original Title. Hammer's Slammers 2.

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Mid-mass black hole hurls star across the Milky Way

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The Venture edition is also the edition I own. Along ten meters of the trail, pairs of pincer-tipped legs slashed out of the soil like sprouts in time-lapse. It is a nice and violent little story too, populated with a few vicious critters, some interesting locations and a whole assortment of unwholesome characters.

The Odyssey elements make for some quirks. Because of the almost episodic nature of the story, as it follows the adventures of the protagonist from planet to planet, dealing with a variety of different threats, it is also somewhat reminiscent of Star Trek. The hot barrels of their weapons added an angry tinge to the stink of ozone. However, the general flow of the narrative takes a bit of a knock once the protagonist reaches his home planet, in the final chapters of the novel.

At this point politics take over, making for a somewhat juddering transition. Even so, the final climax still generates some high excitement, and a last upsurge of impressive violence. I think there is. This is David Drake, so there is a certain gravitas to the storytelling and the military aspects are proficiently dealt with in fact, few authors can describe abrupt battle violence as well as Drake.

He is good at it. When he offers slaughter, he means nothing short of it. May 22, Craig rated it really liked it. Despite the tag of being part of the Hammer's Slammers series this is actually an excellent retelling of The Odyssey set in the future. It doesn't really belong with the Hammer's series. Drake always seems happiest when re-imagining the classics the real, classical Greek and Roman classics , and his reverence for the source material shows through here.

‘The Stars That Arc Across The Sky’ is out!

His grasp of drama and history is also evident. Apr 10, John rated it liked it Shelves: sf-fantasy. Loosely based on the Odyssey, about the return of Don Slade to his home planet through A little crude, but good action. May 08, Steve King rated it it was ok. So, full disclosure, I got this book in a "grab bag" of 10 used Sci-Fi novels for five dollars.

When I saw the cover, which depicted a lot of guys with big guns and mustaches, and was part of something called "Hammer's Slammers" I didn't know if this was military Sci-Fi or space porn, but it turns out to be the former. I've never read Drake and was unfamiliar with the series but I gave it a shot. Apparently this is a re-telling of The Odyssey via a sort of military science fiction vehicle.

We fol So, full disclosure, I got this book in a "grab bag" of 10 used Sci-Fi novels for five dollars. We follow the journey of "Mad Dog" Don Slade in what amounts to a series of short adventures in his post-mercenary career until he arrives back at his "home" planet where he does some stuff that I never really got a handle on but seemed to involve making sure that his quasi-monarchial family didn't get bumped out of power by upstarts trying to seize power in his absence.

Admittedly, I don't read a lot of military Sci-Fi and this was probably not the best way to step into any of Drake's worlds or series. That said, there's just no reason to read this over s of other Sci-Fi options. Drake obviously has a thing for tanks and armored vehicles. In the central Australian desert the Aranda people believe the four stars of the Southern Cross are the immense talon of a great flying eagle, with Gamma Centauri being his leg.

And as the Southern Cross is arguably the most recognisable constellation in our night sky, it seems a fitting emblem for uniting all Australians with a sense of national identity. After all, we all live under the same stars. With that in mind I would like to note how intensely and personally disenchanted I am, along with , that such a seemingly perfect symbol of our unity has been all but hijacked and turned into a sign of racism and xenophobia.

The Cronulla race riots ushered in the beginning of a series of racially motivated gang attacks and denominational clashes in Australia. The Southern Cross was worn like a badge signifying whiteness.

John Williams and Anne-Sophie Mutter release new collaborative album ‘Across the Stars’

When I was a child I was bullied for having fair skin and identifying with my Aboriginal heritage. After spending some time hunting stingrays with family on the coast of the Northern Territory, I came back to Melbourne with stories of my walkabout. Last year I was tattooed with the image of a spear, because I wanted to reclaim that name. I believe we, as a country, collectively need to take similar steps to reclaim our constellation. We need to tattoo the Southern Cross on our national identity as a symbol of unity and peace.

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Cross The Stars by David Drake

Credit: A. Irrgang, Fau. More information: A. Irrgang et al. DOI: Provided by W.

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Found: three black holes on collision course 9 hours ago. What Happens to a Dead Galaxy's Mass? Solar Activity and Space Weather Update thread 16 hours ago. On asteroids and impact events Sep 24, Anyone else thought the Moon last night was cool?

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Sep 23, Is J an eclipsing system? Related Stories. Researchers confirm massive hyper-runaway star ejected from the Milky Way Disk Mar 13, Apr 12, Mar 07, Two distant hypervelocity stars discovered by Chinese astronomers Sep 04, Jun 19, Mar 05, Recommended for you. NASA visualization shows a black hole's warped world 9 hours ago. Black hole seeds missing in cosmic garden 17 hours ago. Sep 24, User comments. Sep 10, Report Block. More imaginary conjecture from the plasma ignoramuses, must be pop-sci-fi day.

For whatever reason this article refers to them as "mid-mass black holes", the actual paper uses the common IMBH. I hope you are payed to bait on this website, if you aren't actually a crazy person I don't see why you would waste your time otherwise. So, provide a science based explanation for the high velocity of this star and hyper-velocity stars. Failing your doing that, I echo CirclesBeginning's comments and conclude you also failed clown college in addition to basic physics.

Blackholes Hurl Stars across this Milkyway Not content with munching on these galactic stars, never to be seen again Apparently blackholes Have fore gone their traditional role Of not letting one morsel to ever see this light of day ever again These blackholes Have taking it upon themselves to hurling these stars Out this galactic galaxy Ejected from their home land Banished fore to never return again Fore these stars Thateth displeaseth this blackhole Are banished to this desolation these miscreant stars deserve This desolation of this desolate vacuous vacuum of space. Conspiracy theorists do this.

If you tell yourself the same lie enough times, you start to believe it, and this process is necessary for swallowing the EU dogma. Failing your doing that, I Don't bother. I've asked earnestly on several occasions for explanations on the observed orbits of stars like S2, and ow they may come from toroidal plasmoids, but that's where the conversation seems to end every time.

I have given jonesdumb this answer numerous times, forgive me if I ignore your parroting of jonesdumb's nonsense. Is a lie. You have never answered it, because there is no answer. Only a complete loon would think a black hole is a plasmoid! I'm not that person, and I'm not going to comb through every discourse you've had to figure out where the relevant information is, when you can quickly post a link. Also, I'm not parroting his question, as I've never seen it posed - it's a legitimate and obvious question.

Quite so. This comes back to recent woo claims by one Wallace Thornhill, EUist, liar and general nobody; and Eric Lerner, plasma cosmologist, non-astrophysicist, mucks about in a lab. I am not going to link to their woo, but Lerner put a series of videos on youtube where else! Nowhere does he address the observed mass estimates of M87 made prior to the EH detection, based on stellar orbits. Nowhere does he address the close correlation of these estimates with the mass derived from the EHT observations. It is pure woo from wooists. As Stephen Hawking watched these Blackholes Hurl Stars across this Milkyway Not content with munching on these galactic stars, never to be seen again Have fore gone their traditional role Taking it upon themselves to hurling these stars Out this galactic galaxy What does Stephen Hawking Think?

For all his life hath beeneth devoted to these fearsome blackholes Where one star enters no star exits For Stephen Hawking Tried with all his earthly powers Fore he tried and tried again and again But Stephen Hawking just could not extract one single hair of these hairy blackholes For now as Stephen Hawking watch's fore eternity Strangely Now Stephen Hawking is free to pass this mantle to younger more nimble folk Now these blackholes are the antipathy of the blackholes Stephen Hawking knew For these same blackholes when they're not ejecting stars out their spin-axis They're flinging stars right out this galaxy Certainly, not the Blackholes that Stephen Hawking, from his youth, got to know!

This comment has been removed by a moderator. Da Schneib. So, supposing black holes are really plasmoids, what's a plasmoid doing playing crack-the-whip with a star and accelerating it to relativistic speeds? A plasmoid has an internal pressure stemming from both the gas pressure of the plasma and the magnetic pressure of the field. To maintain an approximately static plasmoid radius, this pressure must be balanced by an external confining pressure. In a field-free vacuum, for example, a plasmoid will rapidly expand and dissipate.

So where's the external confining pressure coming from? Among them is the unique star US , which was found from observations using the It's only the human concept of velocity that makes it seem to be so enormous. Read it at your own risk! Yeah, I made it to where he denied gravity has anything to do with it. That was in the first paragraph. It's silliness. And as you claimed, he hasn't accounted for stars flying around at relativistic speeds.

Star Wars: Anakin And Padme Theme (Across The Stars)

Incidentally, I have handled a 10F capacitor, capable of storing 10,C of charge. You wouldn't want to be anywhere close to such a thing when it's charged; pointing at it is strongly discouraged as you may make a low enough conduction pathway to get fried and I mean real crispy critters, they won't need to cremate you, they can just spread the ashes. If you can put times that much charge in a little tiny box a foot wide and two feet high, what does this say about the charge density of the Sun?

Incidentally, you wouldn't want to try to pick up the capacitor I'm talking about; you'd rupture yourself. It has casters so you can roll it around. SEU when you quote something you should include a link. Who the f are you quoting? Here's a 2F V capacitor from GE; wire five of these up in parallel and you've got a 10F capacitor. I am producing some information that I am accustomed to knowing. Would you much rather that I did not share what I know? Have you noticed that rrwillsj never ever offers any links to prove her assertions?

Sep 11, Am tempted to say, "and it's a Home Run".

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Still no explanation of how plasmoids are hurling stars around. Typical black hole liar denier EU liar denier bullshit. More monkey dance from antigoracles socky, learn to drive first, then maybe we will find someone crazy enough to try and teach you science ;.