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Rick along with Shane decided it was best that Randall be killed, claiming that Randall could be a threat. Dale disagreed with Rick about wanting to kill Randall and that it was sending Carl a wrong message on how to deal with problems in " Judge, Jury, Executioner ". Later on inside Hershel's house Rick and Dale argued along with the group of what to do with Randall.

It was then decided that Randall needed to die. Later on in the night, Rick was ready to kill Randall but Carl was watching and told Rick to kill him. Rick changed his mind but shortly after Dale was attacked by the swamp walker that Carl had seen earlier in the day and ran away from. The walker ripped Dale open, beyond the point of saving him. Rick begged Hershel to perform surgery in the field, but when Hershel said that he could not, Rick sobbed. When Rick could not bring himself to kill Dale so he wouldn't suffer, Daryl took his gun to put Dale out of his misery.

Lori and Dale were part of the original Atlanta group, and had a good relationship. In "Secrets," Dale tries to encourage Lori about her pregnancy, sharing a story about his late wife's miscarriage. Their talk helped convince her not to end her pregnancy. Dale was also extremely concerned about Shane's mental state and his role in Otis' death, and told Lori his suspicions, helping start a chain of events that led to Shane's death.

Lori was shocked and saddened by Dale's death. Dale and Carl are good friends during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. On several occasions, Dale helps to look after Carl for Rick and Lori, and cares for his well-being, even giving him advice on numerous occasions. Carl was remorseful and saddened for indirectly causing Dale's death, and tells Shane that Dale would still alive and with them had he not ran away from the walker that killed Dale.

In Welcome To The Tombs, it is revealed that Carl still remembers his involvement in Dale's death and is still remorseful. Carol and Dale are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. The two are shown to care for each other, and work together during their daily chores at the camp. Dale shows concern for Carol due to her being unable to defend herself from walkers, and protects her whenever he can.

When Sophia goes missing, Dale assists Carol in finding her. At the highway, Dale tells Carol that he is willing to stay behind to wait for Sophia, to which Carol is grateful towards him for. Dale is saddened and sorry for Carol when Sophia's fate is revealed, and constantly looks after her. When Dale is disemboweled by a walker, Carol is saddened of his death.

Dale seemed to care a lot about Sophia. After the disappearance of Sophia, Dale remained on the highway with the others along with her mother and seemed very concerned about her safety and clearly believed she was still alive and wanted her found. Following Sophia's death, Dale was most likely very saddened. Dale and Daryl initially didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite, but as time goes on they have established a good friendship. When the group wanted Randall dead, Dale approached Daryl, and asked Daryl where he stands.

Daryl asks if Carol sent him but Dale explains that it's not only her that's concerned about him, or his new role in the group. Daryl said that the group was already broken and that he was better off by himself. Dale asks Daryl to stand with him anyway, but Daryl won't because he believes his opinion won't matter and he knows that Rick only listens to Shane. He also mentions about how Shane killed Otis and how he didn't believe Shane's story because he came back with a dead man's gun, this leaves Dale shocked that Daryl seems disinterested at the fact Shane is a killer.

When Dale was attacked by a walker, Daryl runs to the scene and saves him by killing the walker. Unfortunately, the walker had already ripped open Dale's stomach. Daryl calls for help and tries to comfort Dale in his last moments.

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When Hershel said that Dale couldn't be saved, a depressed Daryl takes Rick's gun and shoots Dale in the head to end his suffering. Dale and Hershel are usually seen talking with each other throughout Dale's stay at the farm. Due to their relative closeness in age, the two are usually seen talking about deciding what's best for both Dale and Hershel's group. At first Hershel doesn't seem to like Dale's stubborn attitude towards him about convincing him that the walkers are not people, but eventually, Hershel warms up to him.

The Dales Series by Gervase Phinn

Their relationship got better after the barn massacre and Hershel's return from his alcoholic state. When Dale asked Hershel's opinion about executing Randall, he told Dale that he doesn't want to take any part of it and told him that they should just let Rick handle things from now on. When Dale's life cannot be saved, Hershel is saddened by it, and since then, tried his hardest to take on Dale's role as a Moral Compass for the group. Dale and Maggie were not shown interacting much but they clearly had a good relationship.

Both showed mutual respect during their time at the farm and Dale was very grateful to her father who had allowed the group to stay on the farm and for saving Carl's life. During the judgment of Randall, Dale asked the opinion of Maggie who answered to keep him prisoner. When Dale died Maggie was clearly saddened like all the rest of the group. Randall and Dale were never seen on screen together, but Dale disagreed with the choice of killing him, and pleaded with Rick to change his mind on executing him, or at least speak with Randall.

After his sudden death, Rick and most of the group, excluding Shane were going to set him free to honor Dales last words. This however never happened as Shane killed Randall before he could be set free. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the TV Series character.

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And this new world is ugly , it's harsh , it's survival of the fittest! And that's a world I don't want to live in. Contents [ show ]. Andrea " Too bad. You don't get to do that, to Am I missing something? Those two cowboys have done all right by us and if I'm not mistaken that redneck went out of his way to save your ass more than once.

He sure got under mine, because he wasn't afraid to say exactly what he thought, how he felt. That kind of honesty is rare and brave. Whenever I'd make a decision, I'd look at Dale. He'd be looking back at me with that look he had. We've all seen it one time or another. I couldn't always read him, but he could read us. He saw people for who they were.

He knew things about us In the end, he was talking about losing our humanity. He said this group was broken. The best way to honor him is to unbreak it. Set aside our differences and pull together, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives We're not broken. We're gonna prove him wrong. From now on That is how we honor Dale. It's my fault that he died. I saw that walker. I was gonna shoot it. When he was stuck in the mud. I was-- I was throwing rocks at him and stuff. But I was gonna do it-- shoot in right in the head. And it-- got free, came after me, and I ran away. If I had killed it, Dale would still be here.

But I've seen people that I cared about die and come back, and they're not people. Why is Dale considered the first TV series character to pre-decease his comic counterpart? Alright, point taken. PopCultureManiac73 wrote: Alright, point taken. Although it makes sense, I think they just liked the name. I always think most names in art are because they sounded right and nothing else, Communist Abraham Ford. Categories :. Amy " You are so weird. Shane Walsh " I know what kind of man you are. Glenn Rhee " I let him down. Jim " Thanks for T-Dog " You can't be serious.

Morales " You are a welcome sight. Rick Grimes " Dale could Lori Grimes " This place is going to Hell. Carl Grimes " Dale. Sophia Peletier " Imagine if you applied your tracking skills to finding Sophia. Daryl Dixon " Sorry, brother Hershel Greene " With all due respect, you are cut off from the outside world here. Maggie Greene Dale and Maggie were not shown interacting much but they clearly had a good relationship.

Randall Randall and Dale were never seen on screen together, but Dale disagreed with the choice of killing him, and pleaded with Rick to change his mind on executing him, or at least speak with Randall. Grimes Family. King County. Jones Family. Atlanta Camp. Nursing Home. Jenner Family. Greene Farm. The Living. Michonne's Group. The Prison. Tyreese's Group. Military Personnel. Prison Newcomers. Chambler Family. Martinez's Group. Ford Family. Post-Prison Survivors. The Claimers. Sarah's Church. Grady Memorial Hospital. Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Wolves.

The Saviors. Hilltop Colony. The Kingdom. The Scavengers. Georgie's Group. Magna's Group. The Whisperers. Shelter Survivors. The Highwaymen.

Jocelyn's Group. Unknown Location. Miscellaneous Survivors. Alive characters appear in green.

Your pictures of the newly enlarged Yorkshire Dales and Lake District | Environment | The Guardian

Dead characters appear in red and italics. Unknown characters appear in blue. A born raconteur Guardian. Funny, touching and entertaining The Daily Express. Gentle and warm with a wry sense of humour The Yorkshire Post. He tells a cracking good tale! The Times. One of Britain's best loved comic writers Biography of Gervase Phinn.