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  1. NumPy for Matlab users — NumPy vdev0 Manual
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NumPy contains both an array class and a matrix class. The array class is intended to be a general-purpose n-dimensional array for many kinds of numerical computing, while matrix is intended to facilitate linear algebra computations specifically.


In practice there are only a handful of key differences between the two. The array is thus much more advisable to use. Indeed, we intend to deprecate matrix eventually. These are not exact equivalents , but rather should be taken as hints to get you going in the right direction. For more detail read the built-in documentation on the NumPy functions.

Python uses zero based indexing, so the initial element of a sequence has index 0. Confusion and flamewars arise because each has advantages and disadvantages. Zero based indexing simplifies indexing. See also a text by prof. Edsger W. The difference should be clear to anyone with significant programming experience. The two can appear to work the same, but there are important differences.

Linear indices are common in Matlab programs, e. When converting Matlab code it might be necessary to first reshape a matrix to a linear sequence, perform some indexing operations and then reshape back. As reshape usually produces views onto the same storage, it should be possible to do this fairly efficiently.

NumPy for Matlab users — NumPy vdev0 Manual

An extensive list of tools for scientific work with python can be found in the topical software page. Building from source. Most expressions take such arrays and return such arrays. Operations on the 2-D instances of these arrays are designed to act more or less like matrix operations in linear algebra. In NumPy the basic type is a multidimensional array. Operations on these arrays in all dimensionalities including 2D are element-wise operations.

Numerical data stored in machine dependent binary format, with a simple header to speed up loading.

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Numerical data stored in human readable text format, with a simple header to speed up loading. Numerical data stored in machine dependent raw binary format, without a header. Matrices are loaded to have one column, while cubes are loaded to have one slice with one column. The numbers are separated by whitespace.

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  • Matrices and Arrays.

The number of columns must be the same in each row. Cubes are loaded as one slice. Numerical data stored in comma separated value CSV text format, without a header.

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Applicable to Mat and SpMat. Numerical data stored as a text file in coordinate list format, without a header. Only non-zero values are stored. Applicable only to sparse matrices SpMat. Applicable to Mat only. Saving int , float or double matrices is a lossy operation, as each element is copied and converted to an 8 bit representation. As such the matrix should have values in the [0,] interval, otherwise the resulting image may not display correctly.

Applicable to Cube only. Numerical data stored in portable HDF5 binary format. Mahalanobis distance, which uses a global diagonal covariance matrix estimated from the training samples; this is recommended for probabilistic applications.

Symbolic matrix algebra calculation

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