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He examines how segregationists countered activists' victories by using Progressive Era concerns over urban order and corruption to criminalize and disenfranchise African Americans. Indeed, he argues the Progressive Era was crucial in establishing the racialized carceral state of the twentieth-century United States.

Local Control is an experimental documentary about the political spectrum. Is local on the scale of the body, the neighborhood, or the nation? A former corporate consultant and speechwriter for Barry Goldwater, Karl Hess later joined the ranks of Students for a Democratic Society. He wrote speeches for New Left groups of the s before beginning to advocate for urban agriculture and community technology, and later becoming a founding figure amongst Libertarians and survivalists. Throughout it all he promoted ideas of self-sufficiency and localism.

In a time where our map of ideas has been turned on its head, this mediation on individualism and collectivism considers conventional categories of Right and Left while introducing surprising new ones to help us to consider where we are now. Focusing on vinyl records, and the labels that produced them, this groundbreaking book traces the parallel rise of social movements in the second half of the twentieth century and the vinyl record as the dominant form of music distribution.

Four Futures for Life After Capitalism

Josh will be spinning selected cuts from labels included in the book as part of the talk! From the Cold War through today, the U. Examining diverse records, from recently declassified national security and intelligence materials to police textbooks and professional magazines, Schrader reveals how U. How community-centered, peer-to-peer, youth knowledge exchanges are evolving into a strong economic and political foundation on which to build radical public education. BAP and similar enterprises are creating an educational network of empowered, employed students.

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Gillen argues that this is a proactive political, economic, and educational structure that builds relationships among and between students and their communities. Through the story of the Baltimore Algebra Project, readers will learn why youth employment is a priority, how to develop democratic norms and cultures, how to foster positive community roles for 20—30 year-olds, and how to implement educational accountability from below.

What does it mean to lose your roots—within your culture, within your family—and what happens when you find them? Nicole Chung was born severely premature in the United States, placed for adoption by her Korean parents, and raised by a white family in a sheltered Oregon town. The book reflects the rapidly changing world. Understanding how we got here is critical, but thinking about what will happen next is the real challenge. Peter Frase, in his book Four Futures , attempts to do just that. He reflects on the social impact of increased mechanisation of the workplace, converging with an intensifying ecological crisis, within the overarching context of the capitalist crisis.

Frase offers something different from other writers who postulate that the increased mechanisation of the workplace will bring about a techno-utopia that is to say that advances in technology will automatically bring about improvements in the standard of living.

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism - Author Talk with Peter Frase — The Potter's House

This is because he argues that the future is uncertain and contingent. So what happens next is neither inevitable nor predetermined. Instead the future is wholly dependent on the actions of human beings. The only thing the book predicts for certain is the end of capitalism, as we know it.

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

This makes Four Futures different from other books on the future, because it does not attempt to predict the future. Instead it endeavours to tell a captivating story, which includes tales of power, scarcity and abundance.

The constant throughout all four worlds is rapid improvements in technological innovation. In reflecting on the social impact of this will it culminate in us moving towards utopia or dystopia? What is work, and what will it look like?

What will ownership look like? What kind of societies could emerge as a result of changes in the thinking behind these ideas?

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In these societies, the big question for Frase would be: who pays the costs of ecological damage and who enjoys the benefits of an even further enhanced automated society? Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews An engaging thought experiment on the intersection of technology and the environment.

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