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An introduction to art history

  1. History: - Sculpture by the Sea
  2. Top famous sculptures of all time
  3. A Short History of Bronze Sculpture and its Most Stunning Examples Today
  4. An introduction to art history
  5. The History of Sculpture

Miro and his modernist contemporaries including Alberto Giacometti and Alexander Calder have a number of works that fill the foundation's interior courtyard.

History: - Sculpture by the Sea

Light and airy, the open courtyard, part of the structure built by Spanish architect Josep Lluis Sert is an intriguing piece within itself, and is home to Miro's famous Labyrinth. Created between and by visionary artist and postman Jeff McKissack, The Orange Show is one of the region's most interesting and whimsical attractions. Located in an east Houston, TX suburb, McKissack began building the space with found objects including bricks, tiles, and fencing.

Both inspirational as well a testament to the tenacity of McKissack himself, patrons of The Orange Show have worked diligently to preserve the park and educate visitors about the importance of folk art. McKissack was neither classically trained as an artist nor was he educated about art history; he simply wanted to create a monument to his favorite fruit, the orange.

Budapest, Hungary is the home of Memento Park , an open-air museum dedicated to the memory of Hungary's Communist Period from Envisioned by Akos Eleod, who won a competition to design the park in , the park is filled with a number of large-scale figurative works that hearken back to the Cold War. A sculpture of Lenin, by Patzay Pal, and those of Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels, by Segesdi Gyorgy, alsong with various other works, were removed from several of the country's cities and towns after the fall of Communism in Memento Park serves as a reminder of Hungary's past within the bounds of a now-thriving democracy.

Known for his expressive figurative bronze sculptures, Auguste Rodin is considered by many art historians to be one of the originators of modern sculpture.

Top famous sculptures of all time

His work can be seen throughout the world, including the Musee Rodin in Paris, France. The Hotel Biron and its grounds were once used by Rodin as his workshop, and subsequently have become a treasure trove of Rodin's most famous works. Placing sculpture around the gardens beginning in , visitors can see how Rodin intended each piece to interact with the natural landscape. Nearly a century later, guests can view such famous bronze beauties as The Thinker and The Gates of Hell, alongside neatly manicured rose gardens and hedge-lined pathways.

Indian governmental official Nek Chand began building this acre sculpture garden in Created from found objects and discarded materials, Nek Chand's Rock Garden is filled with whimsical concrete figures, waterfalls, and interlocking pathways to delight and amuse visitors.

A true artist, Chand's sculpture garden, which he built illegally on government land, was nearly destroyed in Currently, the garden, run by the Nek Chand Foundation, has nearly 5, visitors daily. Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park sits on a former contaminated industrial site, and is currently one of the city's only green spaces downtown. This 9-acre park, opened in , is the home of a number of large-scale sculptures and sits along the northern end of Seattle's seawall with views of Puget Sound.

Richard Serra's Wake, two weathered steel arcs that cover feet, can be walked through by visitors on their way to the Melinda and Bill Gates Amphitheater. Started in by sculptor Mark di Suvero and a small group of artists, Socrates Sculpture Park is the home of New York City's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition space. The park was given part of a 20 million dollar grant that many of the city's arts and sciences organizations received, and the park is home to a summer farmer's market and a variety of programs meant to educate and engage visitors and local residents.

Di Suvero is known for his monumental steel and wood sculptures, and is one of the first artists known to have used a construction crane in his process. Walking in the forests of the seaside town of Juodkrante, visitors may come across large hand-carved wooden statues lining the forest's paths.

Witches and goblins, carved by local Lithuanian folk artists to celebrate the Festival of St.

A Short History of Bronze Sculpture and its Most Stunning Examples Today

John, have been standing since Representing many of the folk legends of Lithuania, the site of the Hill of Witches was once the location of this small resort town's Midsummer Night's Eve celebration. Opened in as Japan's first open-air museum, the Hakone Open-Air Museum is the home of over sculptures, five exhibition halls, and 17 pristinely sculpted acres near Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

With a collection housing nearly works by Picasso alone, this open-air museum has a number of works by some of the world's finest modern and contemporary masters. Visionary artist Kenny Hill, who spent his life working as a bricklayer, began building giant figurative sculptures out of concrete at his home along the bayou in Chauvin, LA.

The statues, constructed with wire frames welded by one of Hill's neighbors, represent a number of religious icons and figures including cowboys and angels. Their expressive, bright, Cajun-inspired colors and a foot tall lighthouse fill the garden. Currently affiliated with the Nicholls State Univeristy, Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden contains nearly 7, bricks and religious concrete sculptures. Sydney, Australia is home to the Macquarie University Sculpture Park which features over sculptures created by both Australian and international contemporary artists.

An introduction to art history

The park is one of the largest of its kind in Australia and was established in by Dr. Errol Bruce Davis. The sculpture park is home to Paul Hopmeier's Confidence, a welded and painted steel sculpture, as well as Andrew Rogers' Labile. Designed by George Booth in the early s, and a jewel of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, the Cranbrook House and Gardens and the grounds of the Cranbrook Educational Community comprise walking trails, reflecting pools, pond, herb gardens, and a number of outdoor sculptural works by Carl Milles, Jun Kaneko, and Mark di Suvero.

The Cranbrook Art Museum entrance contains Milles' enormous Orpheus Fountain, and as one of the nation's largest contemporary art collections, the grounds of Cranbrook are lined with hidden treasures, both sculptural and natural. Named for Nathan Manilow, one of the area's early developers, the park is home to 29 pieces of sculpture spread across nearly acres.

The collection includes Jerry Peart's Falling Meteor, made from welded and painted aluminum, as well as a number of pieces from local Chicago area artists and artists from France and Mexico. The former site of a fast food restaurant on the edge of St. Louis University , the Ellen Clark Sculpture Park pays homage to contemporary sculpture as well as the president of the university's love of dogs.

The sculptures act as benches throughout the park, and combine form and function, creating a space for humans and animals alike. Built in by Italian architect Pirro Ligorio, the Sacro Brosco, known as the Park of Monsters , incorporates elements of mythology and symbolism to create a masterpiece of Mannerist sculpture. Mythological creatures are carved into the site's bedrock, and statues of bears and dragons span the landscape. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian.

The History of Sculpture

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