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It's primarily intended for over-head 2-D role-playing games that work on a grid-based world, akin to many older NES or Gameboy games. Final Fantasy 1 through 6 and you've got the idea. It isn't the prettiest way to make a game, but I found it was one of the easiest. It makes much more sense than many rich application platforms like Flash or Silverlight, and it lacks the complexity of 3 dimensions that you find in Alice. Since a computer screen is two-dimensional it's very easy to understand not just what you're drawing, but how to manipulate it.

In three dimensions you sometimes think two objects are side by side and find that their z-parameter is miles off. More importantly, it has a very powerful scripting language for adding your own features. This lets you go from a battle screen like Final Fantasy to fighting on the main map like Zelda. It also allows you to code "save points", "item shops", etc. It won't teach them too much, so I wouldn't spend all 8 months focusing on it, but it can give someone a few general concepts. Mainly that most modern games aren't built entirely in code, but rather a developer platform is coded which allows you to create worlds and write scripts.

This is how the Unreal Engine and Havok engine work. I think it's also how the Endorphin engine works. Mind you these engines were the geniuses behind hundreds of games Ok- the last link was a stretch.

Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies by Andy Harris, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

NaturalMotion doesn't include a list of games using their engine on their own site. First of all, I think groups learn faster if competing. Secondly source code of a solution should be open to others on the course. I learned to program back when I was years old. Together with a friend of mine, we wrote a little piece of code each, then demonstrated our idea and the other one learned from it. Later on we formed a "small group" with more friends, and started to build small games and compete to see who could come up with the best idea and build a small game with a few levels.

We got inspiration from every game we liked at that time Commodore 64 and tried to build something similar with BASIC. It was a challenge as we had no teachers, no skills, internet, just friendship and bragging about how we did something cool - and then showing our code to the friends, so they could learn this too. A game needs logic and rules to follow.

Choose your tools.

Platform games run sideways, jump, duck, shoot needs a tile-based platform, these has to be coded right to work. Shooters things crossing the screen, points for hitting needs a mouse input, some collision detection. I would go for some simple game made with HTML5 and whats possible with that. You have Canvas object if you need vector. If you want to design a simple adventure, HTML could do much of the trick itself. But perhaps you might need a little extra for the inventory part bookmarks if no server-side, you might need some sort of pre-made objects so the course is more about designing a game and using a framework, than learning to program in Javascript.

If the idea is to learn game-design, more than coding, then I would go for simple editors like Gamemaker 8 which uses a graphical editor to produce loops and events. Silverlight is Microsoft's take on Rich Internet Applications, which is the same class of applications as Flash applications. Squeak is a smalltalk environment with a graphical programming layer - called eToys - layered on top. The canonical first program in Squeak has the child building a racing car that follows a race track and races cars made by other kids. No variables!

Learn more. First 10 Free. Is there a good alternative to flash for teaching game development to beginners? Asked 8 years, 11 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 2k times. I have seen, that Excel and VBA work! Even if thy do not pick up programming or game theory, the data insertion and minimal skill to use existing functions or record a macro would be in great use for them later, when thy apply for a job.

Usually institutions have Excel pre intalled. This would be on-topic at cseducators. Jun 2 '17 at Free - at least for us on the beta - you've got to buy an xbox controller tho. Game Salad looks like it has a lot potential too, but I've only had a brief look. I've used it with 8 year olds up to 13 year olds.

Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

I have a friend who took a class on game development specifically At our university there are two or three classes where professors choose any subject they want to teach, so sometimes there are really cool classes available. They worked primarily with Alice. I would also suggest looking into creating games using Visual Basic. My 10th grade programming instructor taught us how to make some basic games in that class, and I had little programming experience. You really can't teach people how to make games without a basic understanding of programming though.

It's very easy to get into and you can prototype quickly. Stencyl is another platform worth mentioning. Yeah, I did some more research and it turns out the Flash licenses are very cheap. I think the budget will cover it after all! The course allegedly takes about 5 hours. It may be more depending on how much time you want to spend practicing. Speaking of Adobe-authorized… Adobe itself actually has a moderate database of training materials and video tutorials for you to look through.

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Some of the lessons are in video format, others are text-based tutorials. Certain lessons have sample files you can download, which let you look at a working file of the completed project from the tutorial. Oh, and these tutorials are free , too. Kongregate Labs offers a free tutorial for building your first game in Flash.

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This lets you learn some Flash elements while putting your very own touches on the game. There are eight different tutorial sections , each one teaching you how to adjust a different element of the game. This is a great option if you want to launch right into game development rather than learning the more general elements of what Flash has to offer. There are also a number of tutorials that teach you how to make specific games.

If you need a short break from learning Flash and working through a tutorial, you can click one of the links for the finished Flash games that are mixed in with the tutorials. The website ranks the difficulty using a star system , one star is easy, two stars is a little more challenging, etc.

There are a bunch of tutorials to pick from. Screenshots of the code elements and the software windows help make it easier to understand and follow along. Newgrounds is the OG hub of Flash games.

Step 1: Setting Up

Luckily they have a couple tutorials on making games with Flash, so they actually earn a spot on our list. All of the tutorials on Newgrounds are free. There are some decent options for beginners. A few of the guides will teach you how to make games from scratch.

At the very least, you can browse the Flash relic in awe of its ancient glory. Adobe Speaking of Adobe-authorized… Adobe itself actually has a moderate database of training materials and video tutorials for you to look through.

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Kongregate Labs Kongregate Labs offers a free tutorial for building your first game in Flash.